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About j-views

j-views is a Japan-based operation with many years of experience, offering a range of professional services to companies and individuals in the technical and financial fields.

Clients have included some of the world’s largest financial houses, household brand names in electronics, and other smaller businesses, both Japanese, and foreign companies working in Japan. Some of the services offered include:

  • industry and market research (technology, retail finance, etc.)
  • copywriting (advertisements, advertorials, brochure material, speeches, corporate communications)
  • publication (printed materials and ebook publishing)
  • consultancy on various aspects of publishing (editing, copyediting, proofreading, DTP and pre-press)
  • technical writing (user product documentation, processes and procedures, compliance-related issues, etc.)
  • journalism article writing for periodicals (including some photography)
  • technical services (IT)

j-views is located in Kamakura, about an hour’s train ride south of Tokyo


j-views has worked closely with a variety of clients, researching and reporting on various aspects of Japanese business and culture. These reports have been made commercially available by their commissioners and have received favourable reviews.

Subjects have included Japanese retail finance and wealth management, IT practices, Japanese consumer attitudes towards various products, etc.

j-views is able to conduct interviews in either English or Japanese with practitioners in the fields forming the subjects of the reports, and is therefore in a very good position to provide an overview of the field being surveyed.

The reports resulting from these surveys are written in a professional style eschewing the use of jargon and are attractively and effectively presented, in order to showcase the information contained in them.


j-views has experience in working with Japanese clients to assist them in presenting their best face to the world. Such assistance includes advertising copy (for Web and print) as well as other corporate communications, including speech-writing and presentations.

j-views has produced advertorial copy which has been printed in business magazines read around the world. Clients and subjects have included the Japanese Cabinet Office and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), as well as internationally known Japan-based multinationals.

(By the way, our copywriters don't look quite like this!)


j-views is able to assist with various aspects of the publishing process:

  • editing
  • copyediting
  • proofreading
  • translation services can be arranged (J>E and E>J)
  • design and DTP
  • preparation for independent or commercial publishing

In the field of ebooks, a relatively new area in Japan, j-views can boast an extensive knowledge of the technology involved for the different formats, and is able to offer a variety of solutions to clients wishing to distribute material in this way.

j-views has experience of the processes involved in producing a book, and also of marketing the book once it’s in print or released as an e-book.

Some recent fiction titles where j-views has been involved in the design (interior and/or cover) include:




For over 15 years, articles under the byline of Hugh Ashton (founder of j-views) have appeared in magazines published in Japan as well as The Times (London).

Subjects covered have included:

  • travel
  • traditional Japanese industries and crafts
  • various aspects of technology in Japan
  • personal profiles and interviews
  • business commentary (especially with reference to financial services)

Please contact us to discuss the possibility of j-views providing an article for your periodical.

Technical services

j-views is also able to offer technical expertise on a variety of IT platforms.

With j-views' experience in the IT departments of major financial houses, documenting processes and procedures, as well as assisting in the development of internal applications, j-views is able to see the "big picture" when it comes to IT.

One j-views project involved the specification, design and implementation of a network of advertising computers in a non-bank financial center, working together with the offices of a Japanese-American retail fiancial services consultancy in Tokyo. The project also involved extensive liaison with Japanese vendors and contractors, as well as working with the IT teams in Japan, the USA and UK to implement a sophisticated interactive environment for customers of the financial center which provided feedback to the operators of the center.

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